Star Glass Co., Inc.
Star Glass Co., Inc.
Welcome to Star Glass Co., Inc, we
have been servicing San Francisco and surrounding areas Since 1923. Our experienced team of skilled professionals provide expert installation of Custom Showers, Glass and Mirrors for homes and businesses. We can create custom designs for Architects and Decorators. We also provide superior service and repair of Windows and Storefronts.

Contact us today and speak with one
of our Experienced Glass Experts at
(415) 474-3652 or (650) 588-1111
434 N. CANAL ST., STE. 14
CA  ,  94080
PHONE 415.474.3652
FAX  415.776.7827
PHONE 415.474.3652
or         650.588.1111

FAX      415.776.7827
or         650.589.7827

It was not our choice but
with sad feelings we had
to leave our San Francisco
location after 92 years.
We are currently looking
for a new location in the
neighborhood so we can
continue to serve our loyal
customers. In the meantime
operations will continue as
normal as we work out of our
South San Francisco location.
We look forward to continue
providing superior service
for our customers.
Our contact numbers in
South San Francisco are:
PHONE  650.588.1111
FAX      650.589.7827

Star Glass Article
San Francisco Examiner
June 10, 2015    2015
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